Computer Science Weblogin provides a graphical front end for Computer Science Linux systems. It should give you the same behavior as if you were sitting at a graphical display attached to the system.

CS Linux machine are using CS password server. If you have not done so, "Activate" and "Set your CS password" at


The service is based on Apache Guacamole


For most users:

  • Login with your NetID and Computer Science password.

    For users who has Two Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled:

  • please append your 2FA tokens after your password.

  • Note: Because 2FA token is time based, it means you also need to relogin every time you connect to a host.

    Main menu

    The main menu has three parts:

    To return to Guacammole without logging out, click SHIFT-CTRL-ALT. On Mac keyboards that is SHIFT-CTRL-OPTION.

    More informaton about using this page is available under Using CS Guacamole to Access iLab Machines and in the Guacamole User's Guide.

    Problems with simultaneous sessions

    The Linux window managers will not allow more than one session on the same computer. This problem could happen if you log into a computer from your laptop and try to login to the same computer from you home PC. For this reason our hosts are configured to kill existing Gnome and Mate sessions if you login with Gnome or Mate. (Gnome is the default.)


    This is Guacamole version 1.4.0.

    Our Linux systems are configured to use the Gnome window manager by default. If you want a different window manager, create a file ".xsession" in your home directory. It should contain one line: the window manager's session command. Likely values would be "mate-session" or "xfce4-session".

    When you login at the desktop, the window manager is chosen using a widget at the lower right of the screen, shown on the password screen after you're entered your username. So it is possible to use different window managers for the desktop and Weblogin.

    Guacamole is capable of connecting to systems using several different networking protocols. This copy will use Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol if you click one of the menu items or type a hostname.

    Other Guacamole protocols include VNC, Ssh, and Kubernetes. To use them, you'll need to type a URL, e.g. vnc://host. You can specify paramaters, e.g. rdp://hostE?color-depth=16. See the Guacamole configuration page for the options available for each protocol.

    When you click on a system in the menu or type a hostname, we specify a color depth of 24, because Netbeans and potentially other software won't run without it.

    If you type a URL into the box, it will be used as is, i.e. we won't supply a color depth or window manager. If you type a hostname we will use color-depth=24 and we will disable checking the SSL certificate. We disable certification checking because many computers use self-signed certificates.